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This in no way is a message to show hatred or dislike about this group of people. What they have done up to this point is perfect and a product of the system in place. They are all loving and from the same source of unconditional love we are all from. It’s also important to note that not everyone involved are what we perceive as “bad.” In no way do these people need to be attacked or rioted against, simply, a change needs to happen.

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We often don’t picture these people as being the “bad” ones, but when you examine their nature and at times lack of respect for fellow citizens we can see the police force is, at times, allowing the ego to over use its power. This is not limited to just Canada or the US, but in many countries across the world. One must understand what police officers really are. The government, the controlling powers that are, has created laws and means to keep people controlled by any means possible. They have false flagged many events to create the ability to remove citizen’s liberties once they feel the need to take more and more power away from the people. They then hire people who stand in place to “herd the sheep” so to speak, so they don’t have to do the dirty work themselves. Police officers are governed by… themselves. We have all seen it, some have denied it, but those who we unwillingly give power to have been over using their power and getting away with it for far too long. We must understand that the powers of control have manipulated the force in this way and it is not their fault. They are simply playing out a role and not all are in this position. The control give these people the power to over use and give them little punishment when things go too far. Below is a video, one of MANY that show the sometimes unjust acts that go on. Watch and examine what is going on. With a clear, non judgmental mind, understand the change that must happen on earth with this situation. This is one of many facets of control and manipulation that will dissolve as we move forward in our shift. For ego among these people is immense, and it’s the power, greed and fear that keeps them going. Remember, these people are not to be hated or attacked, they have greatly helped in humanities evolution up to this point. All is beautiful and all loving. Duality on planet earth has allowed us to have this experience, so we can appreciate the light. We must be grateful for everything.

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