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Ok… So if you live in a complete shell, you might not have heard. But right now some serious stuff is going down the eastern states of the planet. Iran recently had an election for a new president last week, and 80% of the people voted for one dude, and of course… the original dude somehow got “re-elected.” The election was completely rigged. If you dont believe me, do your own research. The governments are trying to control and manipulate the Media in every nation, especially what leaves Iran. If it wasnt for the internet, alot of this wouldnt get out… IF you dont believe that governments and control factors would do this… think again. Theyve been rigging elections for decades, even centuries now. The media convincing people that there vote makes a difference, yet the leader has already been chosen… for reasons of course. Just think George Bush winning not only a first run in office… but a second? wow folks.. if you cant see that… give me a break! do your own research!!! Even Steven Harper… I wont go there now.

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The point is, a lot of these things are coming to the surface and happening faster and faster now. For many reasons. We will start to see A LOT more turmoil in all regions of the world, from financial to governments to everything and anything that can provide control of somesort. What does that mean? Do you rely on something as a resource? such as even something basic as food? what would you do if that was disconnected or manipulated (probably already is)… if you dont say that you can provide yourself with it, than the people who do provide it, have control over it… giving it value and power… because u need it. Alot of these systems will start to dissolve, but not fear. Fear is what creates the power. All of these things need to happen to wake people up. To who they truly are.. who YOU truly are. Eventully the pain of change will not be greater than the pain of staying where we are… SO all of this will be for Rainbow after the storm. My next blog will be more about that rainbow and why this storm is happening… Til next time…
Oh and chek out these vids… should shed some light for yall and answer some questions. Gives you the idea of the control the governments have…

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