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Not knowing who we are has left us in a state of curiosity, that curiosity triggered a search to find the truth. In seeking to find the truth we have come to conclusion about certain things. We, as humans, do not know where we came from, how we were created or why we are here. Further, this planet we live on, where is it located exactly? These questions have left us stunned, and in that state we have guessed at what the answers might be. Thus we have religious institutions and our “made to fit” scientific theories. When you can accept that our history over time has been purposely destroyed by few to create an illusion of unknown, that has created the need for “guessing,” the truth about who we are and why we are here becomes much clearer. Further, we can understand the current state of the world much better. As we evolve on a conscious level, concepts that don’t fit will slowly dissolve; manipulated government will collapse, currencies will falter and our true potential will be revealed. Hope this brings clarity to the unprecedented times we are experiencing.

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