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We must understand that these energies have come here to play much like we have. We may view certain systems or events they have created as “bad” “evil” or “wrong.” But we must realize we have come here to play; and what they have created has shown us duality. We have been able to experience the darkness so as to appreciate the light we all are. These dark energies or forces have helped us immensely in our evolution as a collective. Now that we have experienced this duality, we are being asked to change our ways completely. Move on to a new experience all together. This has never before happened on our planet and it is a wonderful time to be alive and to be experiencing this change. Be grateful for all that is. See the perfection and beauty in everything no matter whether we perceive it as “dark” or “bad.” Be aware of these perceptions and bring to light why they are there. Assess what belief systems you might be holding onto. Awareness and clarity is what makes the shift much more beautiful. It allows us to see what appears to be “chaotic” and enjoy it for what it is. To understand we are simply evolving. Being asked as a collective to change. Those who are not aware will perceive this change as much more chaotic then those who are welcoming it. Neither is better, only a different experience that is perfect for each of us given where we are in our own unique evolutionary process.

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