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In the past, most that I shared this information with did not take it so kindly and were lead to being very defensive. Perhaps it was my approach at the time, I was vibing something different. But I share this now with a clear mind and heart, and I truly feel that most can now see the TRUTH behind this system. We have woken up over the years since I started talking about this, and there is so much thought of this out into the collective matrix that it can be accessed by anyone who is ready. I think for this reason, we are starting to see right through this system of “education”

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The idea of educating people is great, but then again what is “education?” If we were to look at what has been created as “education,” we can now see it isn’t “education” as much as it is conditioning. Most can readily admit this and some will very soon, our world is not governed by what we think are “elected” higher ups. This is but a show for what really goes on so as to keep people thinking they have some power. That being said, in order to keep us from thinking for ourselves and figuring these things out, they have created our education system. They have filled it with useless and often times false information that doesn’t serve us very much. I will let you watch the David Icke video at the end of this post to keep the post shorter.

We have given so much power and authority to “educated” people. They get better jobs, make more money, become our doctors and teachers etc. Do you notice how the one’s that think for themselves and don’t go through this system are punished? Is that fair? Most of the brilliant inventors from our past never step foot in a school or university, so we know intelligence has nothing to do with our education system. So why is it there? I would like to keep this post constructive, so let’s have the lesson from all this.

The system, whatever it may be, is in fact perfection. Why? How? Because the dark forces who have created and implemented it have aided us in our evolution as a collective and they have given us a system to examine so we can understand the duality we have been experiencing. There is no right or wrong or better or worse for those who have gone to school or not, this has only been created by the dark forces to instill fear. Everyone has a different experience. Everyone has the very same choice to open up and look at what we have from all angles. If they do, great. If they don’t, great. And hey, at least we will have some buildings to use when this system falls and real education is needed. 🙂

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