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With a new age must come new structures and a collapse of the ones that no longer serve. The structure holding back humanity greatly is our financial structure.

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Most of us have less than average knowledge of how the economy “works” and what makes it turn etc. The truth is, those who think they know how it works, because of what they have studied in school or have been taught, don’t really know how it all truly works themselves. Convenient false explanations have been given to them with a diploma and they go about repeating this information to the general public. This worked for quite some time but now veils have been lifted that reveal this dark force scam to even the average person.

While things do seem to flow together and are factors of each other, the movement inside the economy is not natural. For example, Inflation is not a necessary factor of market conditions as commonly stated. Inflation is simply the greed of the dark forces, much like taxation of the citizens. Due to what is actually done with tax money, it’s essentially robbery on behalf of the governments who take it.

The economy, and how working ties in, has been created from the get go to essentially enslave and control the population. It allows for ease of controlling the flow and who controls the money in circulation, slowly removing more and more from the public through taxation and man-made recessions and depressions. Of course they play this all off through the media as being “natural” even though it’s far from it.

Something to think about: Ever wonder why the marginal tax system is used in Canada? Ever wonder or ask how much money is actually collected? Where it actually goes? Even if you asked these questions you could not find the answer, why? Because the marginal tax system makes it impossible for any person or organization to calculate how much money is actually being taken from the citizens by the government. Which makes it impossible to find out where and how much they are actually spending. It also doesn’t allow those who make more money to get “too far ahead.” If the general populace actually knew that the greed of the dark forces were taking their tax money and sending large portions it straight to their offshore bank accounts, maybe they would stop allowing the government to steal their profits. Natural? Not a chance. One would have to know their end goal to devise a system like this. And in this case, the end goal is quite obvious.

So we see our economy right now in a state of panic as the dragon of the dark forces has been fatally wounded and is flailing to its death. With each whip of its tail comes more and more panic in the economy. Finally we are witnessing the end of this imprisoning economic structure. To some this is a big relief being lifted as we move towards prosperous times of co-operation and to some they will watch sheer chaos as their riches melt away and everything they have worked for becomes worthless. Of course, these are external things that the ego identifies with, as ego is being compromised, people will truly learn what matters in our experience and what is of unconditional love, it’s all perfect.

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