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Those that have heard of the date December 21st, 2012 generally associate it with what the doom and gloomers have spread as some great apocalypse headed for earth. Stories on YouTube of asteroids hitting the earth, humanity ceasing to exist etc. This is partly due to the fear vibration that is easily spread and gobbled up by those who are in that state. As this spreads, more and more confusion exists among people. Different beliefs with no relation to the truth have divided us all much like religion has.

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The truth is, 2012 is the end times. It is the end of the world as we know it today. The collective consciousness of today will not exist on that date. Now what does that mean? It simply means we are dissolving our old ways and there is much awakening going on here on earth. Do we have to wait till 2012 for this to happen? No. As a collective we are actually evolving and awakening a little ahead of schedule. We can see this all over the world as conflicts break out, education system is questioned, health care and government scandals surface and of course, our financial system on life support, with no cure available its days are numbered. These are old archaic structures that have held us back for hundreds of years.  Controlled by those of the Dark Forces, who are asking to leave our planet as much as we as a collective are asking to shift. Yes much fear and doom and gloom about this date will be spread. The panic has begun among the Dark Forces and the attempt to keep humanity locked in ego and fear is becoming very strong. Anchor yourself in love and clear emotions that no longer serve you. Now is the time to release the judgment, hatred, fear, and dislike we have towards family, friends, other nations etc. This stuff weighs heavy on us and as it’s released we see the world much clearer.

To go a little further, everything is energy. We are energy, nature is energy and the planet is energy. And that energy all stems from the same source. That being said, energy is vibration and therefore everything vibrates. Earth has been vibrating at a vibration that puts her in the third dimension. She is currently evolving and moving towards the fifth dimension. Currently we are experiencing energies from 3rd, 4th and 5th. This is seen and felt through illness, fatigue, unexplained anger and depression, violence, deep questioning of one’s direction and so forth. We can all feel it, we just haven’t understood what it is, until right now. As we evolve into this new vibration, potentiality of the human experience will open up. We will revert back to the abilities the Atlantians experienced during their time here many many years ago. This will be a beautiful time of prosperity, co operation and peace. Of course, we will have to experience temporary “chaos” here while we shift and watch our current systems dissolve. How you perceive these events is up to you. One thing is certain, they are all perfect and of unconditional love.

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