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Initially, as a society who bartered, we ran into issues with inequalities. Let’s say one wanted to trade a chicken for a goat from another. Since the goat required more work to raise and maintain, it was considered an unfair trade. To alleviate this imbalance, gold and silver became a means of currency. Now, one could settle a difference with a few pieces of silver to make the trade fair.

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Eventually there came a point when people were tired of carrying around all of their gold and silver. Goldsmiths began to hold peoples gold and silver for them in their vault and would give the people an IOU for the amount they are holding. Eventually, as goldsmiths realized people were not claiming their gold very often, they began lending out more IOU’s then they had gold to cover it. If everyone were to come claim their gold at once, there would be problems.

This structure carried on through the times and eventually paper money was created which was passed into circulation requiring the same amount of gold in the coffers to back it.  But as the Dark Forces got greedy, a bill was passed that would see the Federal Reserve in the US no longer have to back its money by gold. Thus we had a fiat currency. Now the Fed would basically print money out of thin air and push it into circulation with interest attached to it. The government owed the Fed interest on top of everything borrowed making it impossible for them to ever pay them back without borrowing more. The government would then have to continue to tax its citizens in order to get money to pay the fed. It being impossible to ever pay them back created to eternal enslavement of the citizen.

Money actually doesn’t exist. It is an energy form that only exists and has power because we believe it does. It is no different from any other piece of paper other then what we as a collective have been duped into believing. We give power to it, we kill for it, we let it run our lives, our families and it decides our happiness. We give up our mental and physical body 8 hours a day 5 days a week for roughly 35 – 40 years for money.

Currently in our system we need it for basic necessities. But the Dark Forces have done such a good job getting us to identify with it that it has consumed our lives. The constant search for the “nice” car, the “nice” house, the “nice” clothes, a big screen TV, etc. These are all things our ego uses to strengthen itself. We have given up the lifestyle of having the basics so we can have the next best thing. This keeps us constantly searching and constantly working to have the ability to search. This lifestyle doesn’t allow us to stop and think because if we did we would easily see “hey, this isn’t right, let’s not go down this path.”

As we begin to see what money really is and see we need so little to have what we need, we will begin to see its value diminish and its paper form disappear. Eventually we will reach a time where money is no longer needed at all, but for now, let’s keep ourselves detached from money. Let’s not let it run our lives or make our decisions, realize what it is and avoid getting wrapped up in it and the constant chase. This was a difficult lesson to learn.

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