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We talked about the energy shift and the “chaos” we might see in the form of increased weather activity, government scandals, the collapse of our financial system and other non serving systems of today. We now have a better understand of what 2012 is really all about and we can move forward now dismissing the doom and gloom theories that are being spread. Spread the truth about 2012 and remove the fear from the collective. The fear will only hinder the process and give the Dark Forces more power.

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This subject about 2012 has been argued by scientists and a few elite astrologers quite a bit in an attempt to cover up what is coming. In and around the date December 21st 2012 the sun and each planet in our solar system will come into alignment. At this point the sun will release large amounts of energy that will pass into each planet for a final cleansing. This does not mean any planet will be obliterated and burnt to a crisp like Hollywood has created. This simply means that dark energies left over that are ready to be cleansed will be and it will trigger warmer temperatures on the planet. Yes this does have to do with the hoax called global warming. These warmer temperatures will aid in melting the polar ice caps which contain a great deal of ancient carbon and low vibrational energies that hold the planet back from evolving. Does this mean all land will be flooded and everyone will die? No, this is unlikely. However the severity of the damage that will take place is up to how we evolve as a collective leading up to this happening. Nothing is set in stone or can be predicted in terms of this severity.

Backlash from “scientists” and “astrologers” has been heavy on this subject. Of course this is due to the information they receive from their Dark higher ups which is usually set to be exactly what they would like the collective to know. As authority figures, they begin to repeat what they are told and it affects the collective. Unfortunately for their plans, the collective is waking up and seeing through their panic induced false information. The argument is the planets could not possibly make it to this alignment given their current path and global warming is a factor of human beings recklessness. First, the easy one, global warming is one of the biggest hoaxes ever created. The process of planetary warming is completely natural and has happened before. This scare tactic is just allowing them to induce more taxes among business to fill their pockets with money. Now we move onto the alignment issue. What is not being said is that time itself has sped up drastically on our planet and due to the energy and vibrations in our solar system; planetary movement is not on the same course we are accustomed to. It cannot be said or proven, through our past discoveries, that this alignment cannot happen. Therefore any attempts to disregard this happening by the Dark Forces cannot be taken as truth. What is happening in our universe is of a greater cause controlled by the source for the greatest good of all and the evolution of humanity. This “all” includes earth and every other planet including the inhabitants of planets in our solar system and universe. Yes this does mean that we are not alone in our universe, far from it. But I’m sure most reading this already knew that.

There is one other thing that is said to take place around that date involving a planet coming towards our solar system. This will be covered in another post. I will leave you in suspense as to whether or not this is true.

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