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We sometimes find our own emotions to be overwhelming and we are running in circles day after day with resentment, anger and fear. We sometimes reach a point where we seek professional help from psychologists, psychiatrists or prescription drugs. It is to be noted that most in this area of work are going to be equipped with mainstream ideas and modalities to deal with the challenges coming up for many of us. In many ways, these modalities only bandaid or delay the issues instead of addressing them right at the source. The archaic ways of healing one’s mind no longer have the same value as we are aware of more beneficial means. At this point, they are pushing prescription drugs like crazy which only makes the problem worse. The drugs are not meant to help but to numb and make the brain and cells docile; this is part of the overall agenda to manipulate consciousness.

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At this point in time it is recommended that you become your own help through meditation. Or if needed contact others who are not playing roles of repeaters who have attained medical information from our education system funded by the pharmaceutical industries with the Dark Forces best interests in mind. There are many methods we can take to clear and dissolve these heavy emotions while steering clear of “standard” methods. We will be sharing more information on how we can achieve this in the near future. Please feel free, for now, to contact us if you would like some more information at an earlier date. We all are a lot more powerful then we often think, you can heal and cure yourself of anything and having confidence is key to the process.

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