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Today’s post is meant to be a little more interactive.  Please watch the video by following the link. It is a very informative video in terms of consumerism. When your done we’d like to hear your thoughts and maybe some of your own experiences in the comment section of the post.

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The ego plays a very large role in this entire process. We are all looking externally for love and as we struggle to find it we consume more and more. We need to learn how to turn our focus inward and find the love, it’s there in abundance. As we do this we achieve a much clearer state of mind and begin to see through veils we previously had about how we create our lifestyles. The nice cars, money, clothes and electronics, it all adds to our “status” and our image.

Darkness has created a lot of these belief systems and pumped them out into the collective. We are guided by their mind controlling advertising and TV commercials to follow these trends. Products are made to break quickly so we can continue to purchase and seek for “better.”

Just being aware will pull you out of the need to impress others with material items. Detach from what you own for it does not resemble you nor is it an image or representation of you. It can only be a representation of your ego.

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