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With awareness we can accomplish many things. We can understand the key is not to have belief systems but simply to observe and be aware of what is around us and at our fingertips as truth. We do not limit and create an identity for the ego this way.

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As we spend time observing and taking back control over our ego, we start to see the world in a much different way. We see through many of the perceptions and beliefs that have been created. We start to understand how to feel things as truth vs. non truth. We start to learn that reality is not what we have been taught over many years but something completely different.

As the process of awakening unfolds, our awareness of our own ego and our actions becomes much stronger. As if almost by default, through a connection with the higher self and this strength of observation, we begin to find all the answers we have known all along to questions we have had all along. I say we knew all along because we have always been all knowing. The all knowing and the connection to our source has just been fogged up by the ego and false reality we have been living. Clearing the baggage and emotions along with the awareness will open all doors to the beauty and perfection of our current NOW.

Continue to be aware in the now and enjoy each experience for whatever it brings.

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