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We are taking the time to post this information because there has been a great deal of talk lately about vaccines and what they REALLY do. We have had a fair amount of questions come in about illness and questions relating to the vaccines, so we thought we would write to everyone.

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We have posted on Swine Flu before and gave some information on its true nature and why it has been created. To sum up quickly, Swine Flu is a virus that was created in a laboratory by those of the Pharmaceutical industry who were instructed to do so by the Dark Forces. It is another problem, reaction, solution case they have made to push forth their plans as they lose power and attempt to keep us in fear.

The Swine Flu vaccine is another mercury filled vaccine that can be considered biological warfare. It will act as a packet of information for the human program and create “dis -ease” in the cells. The program will become locked up in fear upon any signs of symptoms and the immune system becomes weak. The truth is more people die from getting vaccinations for flu’s then do from the actual flu.

We invite you to watch the video posted below to gain an understanding of vaccines and what the agenda behind them is.

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