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The Collective Matrix can be imagined like a huge bubble over surrounding our planet that holds a great deal of information. This information includes the experiences all of us are having on the planet. It also includes much of the programming and belief we operate off of in our experience. The matrix can assist in awakening many of us due to the nature of how it works. As each one of us become aware of this information and share experiences, more experiences are uploaded to the Collective Matrix, making this information available to the mass consciousness. As this happens more and more people on the planet will unknowingly become aware of certain pieces of information due to its availability in the Collective Matrix. With every person awakening on the planet, the vibration and state of the planet can shift more quickly. This is why it is important for each of us to do our own individual work.

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With this new knowledge, we ask that you share as much information as possible with others as it feels right. This website is meant as an outlet for many to understand what is happening and provide answers to the many questions they are asking inside. Your higher awareness has guided you here for that reason. Please feel free to share our website with as many friends and family you wish as it feels right to.

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