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We have all seen lately the odd weather we have been experiencing. We have seen floods in India and Japan that left many dead and hundreds of thousands without homes. We have seen record July rainfall in Canada that added to one of the coldest sunless July’s Canada has had in a while. We see sun and heat and within 15 minutes it changes to cloudy and cool. This happens constantly throughout the day as if we are seeing day by day weather changes cut down to hour by hour. This global cooling we are experiencing is showing up all over the world. Some climates are unaffected but most are quite affected by these sudden unprecedented changes.

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Most of us see this happening, but don’t really stop to ask many questions. Weather predictions have been completely unexplainable; meteorologists have reported that they “give up” on trying to report the weather with even the slightest bit of accuracy. We have been told August will be a heat wave, but who knows. The weather, like everything else right now, is not predictable. Their is no such thing as being able to predict what will happen in the future due to the energies we are experiencing right now.

We are experiencing quite a change in the Earth’s vibration and this is a big part of the reason we are seeing this odd weather. The Earth itself is still in a phase of getting used to these changes that are going on. The weather is just one sign that there is much change going on here on our planet. Earth is also cleansing itself of density by clearing away old energies that no longer serve, including some areas of people that may be willing and lovingly saying, “I’m ready to check out.” All we are experiencing is in complete perfection to what the collective needs to experience. We are currently on the path to make the shift with “flying colours” so to speak, but that can change if we decide not to awaken, this would most likely lead to destructive outcomes.

In hope that this shed some light on why we are experiencing some odd weather and feeling some interesting changes, we send Love to all to help stir and awaken each one of us.

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