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Those of our planet are experiencing many changes as of late. These changes may be painful or wonderful loving experiences. The painful experiences might come with questions like; “Why me?” “Hasn’t this happened enough?” “I don’t understand why this is happening?” We may be seeing partners moving apart, increased fighting and arguments, people losing jobs to trigger questions that have been buried, painful memories brought up to be faced once again, questions of life’s purpose etc. While these experiences are all perfect they may not seem that way at the time. It is important as we experience these events to ask “What can be brought to light with this?” “What is higherself trying to show me?”

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To understand why these feelings and unexplainable events or coincidences might be showing up is quite simple. We are experiencing surges of new energy coming back into our planet as mass consciousness is awakening. This energy is collapsing old archaic systems and bringing to light memories that hold back the consciousness from awakening. As these veils of perception and baggage are cleared and lifted, each of us can awaken to this new energy. This shift in consciousness will not only have an effect on individual consciousness but the mass consciousness as well. To put it simply, humanity is awakening to a world with much more beauty and cooperation. However, we must remember we are ways from being there and we must experience the “bad” to understand the “good.” Just remember this is all a ride and a beautiful one.

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