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Now came the time where my higher self had guided me to two people that would alter my life forever. These friends had helped me understand myself, why we are here and what this world is all about. They helped me to understand death and what it truly is. They even were able to pinpoint why I had these feelings of fearing death by initiating clearing. This was the beginning of a big shift in my life and I’d like to share what I learned about death.

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As a collective we have created a certain energy about death. We see it as dark, sad, bad, and negative. Our religious institutions have spread mass confusion about what death is as well; even including fallacies like heaven and hell etc. Upon death we all go to the same place regardless of what experience we live out here on earth. The Catholics of right now and the Muslims of right now will be going to the same place regardless if they were a priest or a murderer. The truth is death is a release back to our whole state. When we die we remember exactly who we are and all the experiences we have lived out here on earth and on other planets in other dimensions. We only forget while we are alive because currently we are living in a very unawakened state here or Earth but this is shifting very quickly. At death we do not feel the pain or experiences sadness, or want to go back or regret our decisions. Everything had been completely perfect for us right up to that point and we willingly said “it’s time to go.”

When we first come to Earth we write a contract basically. It entails what we will do here, (main experiences) what role we will play, our family and when we will die. At any point we can re write that date. Before we die, we must agree that this is our time to go, at our higher level we make the decision to go and once we have gone we again have the choice to make sure we have made the right decision. If we decide our work here is not done, we have the ability to come back.

With this better understanding of death, remember that it is a natural part of our experience. It is a beautiful release back into our soul state where we can remember who and what we truly are. There is nothing to fear with death and nothing to be sad about. We may miss the energy that has left the physical body when someone we know dies, but we can play with this energy again at a later date. Truthfully, the sadness associated with death is only there because humanity has asked for that experience when someone dies.  This information is in the collective, so we all draw from it. This is all changing, and as we begin to understand ourselves and what we are living out a lot better, we will see the collective consciousness evolve as well.

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