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This is an important question we often don’t ask ourselves. We can think about this on a mass scale as well as a more micro scale. On a mass scale, we all go to school, we all go to work, want nice things, we all want money and lots of it. Now obviously there exists some exceptions but mainly we all chase and do the exact same things. On a micro scale we can look at: we might eat certain food’s, react in different ways to different situations, anger, laughter etc. In both cases, why is it we do what we do? What is in place that keeps us doing the same things over and over without questions?

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We are basically on a treadmill, going through life doing one thing after another unconscious of what is really going on around us. We all do what everyone else does because that is what the system calls for. Humanity operates under systems that were created and put in place for a reason. They were created to be that way on purpose and can be uncreated on purpose. We often accept things as “that’s the way it is” without even asking why it’s that way, if that is the best way and should it stay that way.

I challenge those who read this, ask yourself, why is it that you do the things you do. Is it out of fear? Does it feel natural? Is it ego based? Is it out of unconditional love? There is no need to judge yourself or anyone while you observe, just observe. Big things, little things, any experience you have, ask yourself, “higher self why is this like this? Is this best for me? Show me what’s best.” The answers will come to you in many ways.

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