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Here is something to think about. General Motors came out with the electric car, the EV1 in the 90’s. The car was a hit, but it was only ever available for lease. The battery in the vehicle would last a decent amount of time and there were very little complaints about the operation of the vehicle; it was the answer to not having to use gasoline anymore. With the success of this vehicle you would expect it would take off and begin to replace gas powered vehicles in greater numbers. It didn’t. Why? The patents to the batteries were bought by the oil companies, and they squashed the idea of the electric car. But I thought gas created emissions that caused pollution and hurt our ecosystem? Sure it does. So why would those in power who “care” about the population and the ecosystem allow this to happen? Don’t they have our best interests at heart? This is what most of us think, and it’s why we are where we are right now.

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The same leaders who covered up the electric car are the same ones that built our corrupt education system, our corrupt religions, our corrupt healthcare system and financial system. They are the same one’s covering up the cures for Cancer and AIDS that have been around for YEARS; and it’s for the same reason -money. But they wouldn’t manipulate those things and they wouldn’t cover up cures like that would they? Didn’t we learn from the electric car? They do not care about us, our health or our well being, just money and their own growth. I’m being very blunt and forward with this post because we need a kick in the butt sometimes. We need to get off the treadmill for one second and look at what’s going on here, it’s not hidden, it’s not hard to see, it takes 5 minutes of disbanding ignorance and opening our eyes. The excuse “we can’t do anything” couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you begin to see what this is, what this world we live in is, what we are, you begin a process of awakening to who we are and what this is really all about. Your perception and awareness grows and you can see through the system. For each one of us who begins to awaken , it builds the power of light and pushes the collective forward. It allows more of us to see what is going on and collapses these archaic systems that are capping our experience here. One Love.

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