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Your higher self wants the very best for you, it is you at the higher level. As it guides you, it will put you in situations and allow you to experience things you need to experience for your greatest good and growth. Of course, it may not be easy to see this at first when we have certain experience as sometimes these experiences will be what we call and perceive as “bad.” Either way, they are what we are attracting and asking for on some level as we are guided through this massive learning process called life. If your higherself (the true you) is you and wants the very best for you, wouldn’t it be the best source of trust? Trust your higher self for it will bring you and guide you to whatever is needed. Do not fear where you are being led, unless of course that push is coming from your higher self. This doesn’t mean you can’t question your path to understand it further, it’s also important to utilize your best judgment, but when certain situations pan out that you don’t quite understand, remember that a lesson is likely right around the corner. If you want help determining what might be guidance from the higher self, it’s usually soft in nature and comes from the heart. When thinking and reasoning is involved, it’s usually ego induced. Trust you gut.. your heart.. your higher self.

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