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For those of us that are still unsure whether or not our country is not actually run by politicians but instead corrupt banking cartel, I invite you to watch this video for a better understanding of how money works on this planet and why it is beginning to collapse. This is a questioning of Chairman of Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke by congressmen Alan Grayson.

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You can clearly see that the money said to be loaned has not gone where they are claiming it has gone. The money has likely gone to the pockets of the banking cartel into offshore accounts, this has been going on under our noses for years.

This video comes as the Federal Reserve is on the brink of being audited which would without a doubt expose all the corruption and lies that have gone on for so many years. Do you find it odd as to why these stories haven’t been extensively covered in the news? Wouldn’t something as important as the collapse of our financial system be something of importance to the people? For those who continue to still watch and believe what they hear on the news I offer a piece of advice. Whatever you hear on the news, turn it upside down, you will probably be closer to the truth with that story then the one they feed you, this is not an exaggeration either.

We can also take from this an observation about “negativity” surfacing as we move forth with the shift. We see in many areas and facets of our system the “negative” or corruption coming to the surface for all to see. This is quite perfect.


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