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We put a lot of trust in our science and doctors; but the truth is there is very little these programmed thinkers actually know about the human DNA.

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95% -97% of our DNA is considered “junk DNA” by our scientists because they have no clue what it does. They can only account for about 3% of our DNA and that by default makes the other 97% “junk?” They have yet to connect that the other portions of the DNA exist interdimensionally.

Another interesting piece of information relates to the Meridian Network within the body. The Chinese discovered years ago that the Meridian Network existed within the body and through a practice called acupuncture they could balance the flow of energy through that network. By injecting a radioactive tracker into the acupuncture points and using a gamma camera, researchers were able to see clearly this Meridian network existed. People that displayed slow moving energy through their meridian network were often ill or sick. Those who’s energy moved faster were much healthier. These studies proved not only the existence of the Meridian Network but that a block in energy flow directly affected ones health and well being. This technique and knowledge of the Meridian system is widely disregarded and laughed at by modern medical practices.

As we move forward much of these practices will come back into the spotlight as the correct means of healing the body. Scientists are only beginning now to look further into understanding the body is energy and connecting medical practices to that study.

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