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Recently I have found that 2012 can veery much be a diversion from our own personal growth. It has become a tool used by the elite to confuse and separate the collective. Most of what we see and hear about 2012 is quite false and very much distant from what it is truly about. We see all over YouTube videos about it being the end of the world, the great apocalypse and that everything will be destroyed. At the same time it is being made into a big joke as if anyone who feels there is significane with the date, regardless of what it means, is crazy. Most of the information creates a lot of fear in those who read or it creates massive misconceptions about what it is all about. Even the media has grabbed on and created a movie that is coming out called 2012. It is about the end of the world, a great tidal wave that floods the earth and destroys everything. For these reasons I feel that those in power are taking advantage of this 2012 topic and using it to manipulate the overall vibration of thought regarding 2012. I offer this as information and as something we can all observe and maybe not focus on so much as we move into intensifying times in the near future. The Dark Forces actions will become more intense and will show an even great amount of panic then they are currently showing.

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