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First a side note: the topic of this post is not to make it seems as though anything is going to come and interfere or save us in our experience.

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Our planet is going through a vibratory consciousness shift we, as a collective, are asking for assistance from higher aspects of ourselves (which is who we are anyway) so that we can move forward in our journey more quickly. Earth is not the only planet in the universe that is experiencing this shift. It is touching all planets and all beings in our universe as everything is connected. The aid or assistance that continues to roll itself out comes in the form of experiences, wake up calls and energy all aligned to give us a specific experience so as to awaken to higher levels of consciousness.  The key for all of us is to simply be open and observe as we feel changes and inspirations from within that encourage us to begin looking at life in a different light. It will be beneficial to go with the flow vs holding on tightly to the way we currently operate. Be fluid, have fun with it!

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