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Today being the 8th anniversary of 9/11 I thought it would be a good time to discuss a little about this topic and its importance for the Dark Forces and the Collective.

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The obvious reasons the Dark Forces carried out this attack has been covered intensely so I don’t plan to go into that. What I will discuss is the effectiveness in which they were able to create, within a couple hours, an entire nation that was riddled in fear. As discussed many times here on, fear is not real and is a low vibrational energy. It is created within the ego and is a very powerful tool the Dark Forces create to get done what they want done. Through 9/11 they were able to take liberties and rights right out of the hands of US citizens because the fear of “terrorists” was so powerful.

There are bright sides to 9/11 though. Due to the fact that there were so many holes in the “official story,” those who investigated and found the lies within the story were able to create a new vibration about 9/11. They were able to lift veils, not only on the event, but on the fact that we live in a society that is manipulated and controlled by those in power. This was a massive awakening to the collective and the silver lining in the whole situation. We see with this 9/11 event the duality of our earthly experience. Not only did we see the Darkness on this day but we were able to have a collective split on the sides of “truth” and “non truth.” This gave us all more to experience in terms of different personalities, outlooks, consciousness etc. We felt many different emotions from this event as well; sadness, shock, anger, humor and frustration etc. 9/11 has given us something we can take a lot from. When the truth comes out on this event we will have a front row seat to see how “asleep” we were as a collective in allowing the powers at be to manipulate and veil us. It will also raise the question, “where do they stop?” I can assure you, it isn’t just 9/11 we are veiled on, it’s this entire system and this experience here on Earth.

Over the years there has been thousands who stood up against the “official story.” Many protests have taken place all which the powers simply discarded calling “truthers” “psychopaths,” “terrorists,” and “mentally ill.” The Dark Forces motives here are obvious. Now, however, the fight against truth is even stronger and the call to re-open the investigation is being heard and in a big way. I’m feeling we may see a pretty large uproar in the weeks to come that will back the powers into a corner where they have no choice but to start answering questions.

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