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We are all on a  journey of gaining a deeper “spiritual” understanding about our who we are and how our world functions. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to convey this new understanding due to the structures that currently exist around us. The spiritual knowledge and ideas of a new world seem almost unusable at this point, but this isn’t true. To those who have this feeling, know that you are not alone. There are many others across our planet who are experiencing a similar reality and there are many who will continue to awaken as we go forward. It is undeniable that we are seeing a collapse of 3rd dimensional consciousness structures, but it is unclear to many that this is due to a vibrational shift on this planet. To those that understand, it is important that we speak our own truth and share with others this truth. This truth speaks, vibrationally, on a level that will resonate with those who are ready and willing to listen. Speaking our own truth is something we may feel, on higher levels, to be our purpose at this time regardless of what those around us may think. We would be surprised to learn how many of us feel the truth but are hiding it inside because of what the general collective perception would be towards this information. Speak your truth.

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