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This article is going to be about remembering that you as an individual, a body on this earth, a spirit in the universe, a soul living out an experience that has forgotten it is completely free.

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You are born free, spiritually, physically, and mentally. Earth being in the “free will” zone of the universe, it is our planetary birth right to be free.

Unfortunately, in our “reality” or “societies” this is not true. Especially in North America, do we live in an illusion of freedom. From the moment you are born, you capture the limiting beliefs through the DNA of your ascendants, and the beliefs withheld in the collective consciousness. Throughout life, we get indoctrinated with beliefs, understandings and morals through the education and social systems we have and as we progress through life, we are led to realize that money and other things are needed to survive here. We spend most of our lives, working, usually at something that we would choose not to do, in order to gain possession of money. We are also limited by the forces in place to restrain us. The Armies, Police or any force for that matter, restrain us, if we do not abide by the “rules” we have in place. Who makes these rules? These rules and limitations we have in our societies and communities, no matter where you are from, have been put in place to disillusion the collective from what lies neutrally in truth. Fear is the tool that allows for the simplistic implementation of these “laws and rules.” Its about control at its highest level.
You see, no matter who you are, or where you are from, you are a citizen of this Earth, a being of the universe, and you are free. You were born free, and always will be. This is your birth right to your existence on Earth.

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