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There is a difference between memorizing and understanding things. Most of our lives we are taught to simply memorize most of the things we come in contact with. Most of the time we only temporarily memorize the information because that is what our education system calls for. We are asked to memorize a whole slew of information, most useless and false, and our mark at the end of the term reflects our ability to memorize and repeat as opposed to understand and apply. We often see this through the regurgitation of information we learned in our education, as opposed to being able to critically think and apply. This is something we are not taught in school even though it appears as we are, it is merely an illusion of false power. This can be said with complete accuracy quite simply, if we were really taught to critically think do you think we would have the systems we have in place now? Our financial system? Our health system and its corruption? Events like 9/11? Religions? Even our education system for that matter. If we were actually taught to critically think, education as we know it would collapse on itself and a new system would be built. If we were actually taught to critically think, the powers at be would not have the control they do now, this is why we are sent to school from such a young age, and why fear is used to get us to continue in our later years.

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It is important we learn to understand the information we take in and not simply memorize it, this will allow us to break each piece of information down to its roots and find the truth or fallacy. It is evident we rarely do this now by simply looking at the world we live in. This does not mean we need to be skeptics or pessimists, or try and logically think everything out, it simply means we should look to understand our information and FEEL whether is bares truth. We need not memorize information we receive from authority figures, it is a choice, one we can all make from here on out.

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