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Money is a very powerful energy on our planet and in our experience. Money, unfortunately, has gripped us since the beginning of its creation and plays a large role in keeping humanity enslaved. It has been discussed many times that money will eventually collapse here in our experience, possibly in 10 – 20 years no form of money will exist PERIOD. This post, however, is more about the next few years and what we seem to be heading towards.

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The United States is on the verge of a complete financial collapse. There dollar and economy, regardless of what the media may try to present, is in big trouble. When the US dollar and its economy collapses it is going to create a chain reaction with the rest of the global economies. When this happens we can expect a possibility of hyperinflation to the point where out paper money is worth very very little. There will be certain points of chaos due to the fact that most of us will not understand what is going on and we will see this all as a bad thing. It is difficult to say what exactly will happen but we can use our imaginations to get an idea. We will be forced to, at some point, begin to understand we have been enslaved by this money system and we do not want to simply create a new one, that will not change ANYTHING. We must instead learn to work together and living in a more harmonic manner. This seems impossible BUT consciousness will change drastically on earth and we will have the desire to live and work towards this as a collective. We will need to rebuild our system from the bottom up, no more band aids and slavery.

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