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We currently see the United States in massive debt holes with an economy barely hanging on with their stimulus package being the only thing keeping them afloat. China who owns about 1/3 of the US debt has already realized that the US dollar is collapsing. They have been offloading all of their USD into the gold market which is exploding gold prices. The combination of the lack of confidence in the USD plus the gold prices shooting through the roof shows that any claims the economy in any area of the world has “bottomed out” is completely ridiculous. We may see our market indices going up but this is simply the dark forces squeezing out and making as much money as they can and pulling as much as they can from the people. Don’t be fooled by this tactic.

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While there is no saying exactly what will happen and when, it is certain that we are headed towards some very promising economic times in terms of a collapse. This is perfect for the collective right now as it will allow us to see the dark energy within money and we will begin to understand the changes that must be made. That being said there may appear to be some chaotic times in the near future. The feeling I get is that we should work on clearing any emotional attachment we have to money in this experience. It should not shackle us or cause emotional distress. Avoid identifying with money and what it can bring, be at peace with whatever we have and understand the perfection in it. Allow this energy of importance we put towards money to dissolve and allow simply ask for it to flow when we may require it to sustain as the system moves towards a collapse. Release all fear that may exist in losing the money we have or what problems it may bring. Whatever experience we have will be perfection for us at the time and know that our higher selves have our best interests at heart. Simply, do what you feel guided to do, without the ego interfering.

Remain in the moment, remembering that the moment is the only time that exists. Be at peace with what may come in the “future.”


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