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We seem to be in a collective where some are asleep as to what is happening, some are awake but think we must fight on this conscious level to overcome the “NWO,” some are awake and feel that what is coming will simply play out or someone will save us and finally some are awake and are allowing their higher guidance to guide them and they are working about their divine purpose as we move to the shift.

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Please understand there is no “right” or “wrong” or “better” or “worse” in terms of what each of us do, it is all simply a different experience. However, one can choose to listen to higher guidance and work towards assisting the collective in this shift. We can assist by clearing away, we can assist by examining our own belief systems and seeing what does not fit, clear our cells and DNA of baggage that no longer serves. We can help by spreading awareness in any way we feel is right. When we begin to clear we vibrate higher and this vibration is felt by those around us. We all assist in raising the collective vibration which helps awaken the collective quite a bit.

For those of us who feel beings will swoop down and save us, know that they cannot. They cannot come and interfere with our process here on earth. The shift is our responsibility and we can only ask for assistance. They are making their presence seen so we get used to them as we move towards the time when they will make global contact. Remember, their presence does not mean they will save us! We must ask and be ready for their assistance.

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