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In light of more recent advancements in the Swine Flu case, I feel it is time to again share some information about what is happening.

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Some of this information was passed onto me by a friend and it is very revealing as to what the Elite plan is here.

The company VeriChip who makes RFID chips that are planted in humans just had their stock triple. They recently won two patents that would allow them the right to create RFID chips and bracelets that would go on or in humans to detect if they have taken the swine flu vaccine. See stock and story info below.

Also, here is a video that talks more about the bracelet and the plan to create check points and possible use of concentration camps for those who do not take the vaccine.

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Please do not see this as fear mongering or propaganda, this is simply observation. The fact that the stock has jumped through the roof should be evidence enough. Simply observe what is happening in our world right now and do your best to avoid the vaccine IF IT FEELS RIGHT TO. The choice ultimately comes down to each individual.

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