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This is one of many soldiers that have come forward and spoken out about how the US’ presence in Iraq was, for lack of a better word, “disgusting” and morally wrong. This gentleman served in Iraq and witnessed some, what we would call “horrific” things. Please see video below.

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Notice how when one is able to view from experience they are able to drastically change the way they feel about something. We notice here the changes that must be made in terms of the way we view each other globally. The United States has taken on, for the collective, a role in showing us the energies of “hate,” “unjustification,” “abuse of power,” “abuse of humanity,” “poor morals” etc. These are not points in which we judge the United States and their choice, merely we observe the actions and duality set forth here. There is much we can take and learn from this as we move into a critical time in the shift.

When it is mentioned “by God’s will,” we can see the understanding of divine perfection. This is not God in religious terms, this is God, infinite consciousness. These are experiences that played out for the perfection of the collective, it is divine work.

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