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We often limit ourselves as to what reactions we will have in certain situations. Let’s say we had a pair of sunglasses that we liked very much and one day someone sat on them while they were misplaced on the couch and they broke. We would most likely feel anger or frustration or sadness when this happened. This we would deem as the “normal” reaction in this scenario. Similarly, if we had plans we were looking forward to suddenly cancelled, we would feel its “normal” to feel sadness or disappointment. While this is not “wrong” or “bad” that we feel this way, it is a choice we have made. We have chosen to react and experience these emotions. It is not “normal,” “natural” or “human” to react this way as we often like to say. We have ultimate free will and choice as to how we react to any situation and it’s also our choice to remove the belief systems that these reactions are “normal.” The next time something happens that begins to bring up the feelings and emotions of sadness, anger or frustration, breath and consciously choose to experience peace. It is your choice! In no time we will see a transformation in ourselves that knocks down the limitations set about how we “should” react.

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