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I came to a realization one day in life that we all latch onto things we believe and it in turn creates belief systems that judge other bits of information we receive.

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I would like to share a rule of thumb to all as I know it would be the beginning into a better understanding of “what is.”

First, any belief system we have going right now, meaning anything that is concrete and we have latched onto it as truth and nothing else can be true no matter what, detach from it. This does not mean throw it out or that it is false, simply do not BELIEVE in it to the point where you attach to it.

Second, no matter what it is or where it comes from, information is information and that is all it is. The minute we take that information and turn it into a belief, we have created a belief system and information is not longer information, meaning, we do not see something for EXACTLY what it is. We see it through an ignorance filter. Never, under any circumstance turn anything into a belief no matter what it is. Everything is JUST information and that is all.

Finally, when this is understood, we are open to all information and can see everything for EXACTLY what it is as opposed to what our mind tricks us into thinking it is. This does not mean we have to take this information and do anything with it or act on it, it simply means we can observe it from a neutral standpoint and we won’t miss the obvious in it.


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