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I have attached an interesting video in regards to the world we call the “Internet.”
The internet was first created as an interconnecting network used for sharing information between Military groups. Through evolution of the technology it has now grown to become its own world, where individuals can connect and share information in the matter of nano seconds across the globe. Its become a new market place, new community and an incredible way to share anything.
With the new dawn of this readily available technology, and mass information being exchange, this puts stress on certain regimes, and figures of control, that do NOT want certain information to be shared and known. This always leads to censorship.
The idea that freedom of speech is a right, is fading away as people are waking up and understanding that our figures of control have agendas. The governments and organizations in everyday society around the world, are now being exposed. Some countries already knew this, and this issue has been fought for thousands of years.
These governments and figures not only have censored the populations, but made them BELIEVE they are not. This is a hard concept to grasp at first, but the time is here where the truth will be known, and they are trying to stop it.
Enjoy the video!

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