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No one can predict the future, there are too many free will factors that would allow one to completely predict the future. What you can do however is follow your heart, follow the time line of this present power structure. In doing so look back at what has been done throughout history. Look at those in power and the control they have tried to impose over the years. Then the present and the possible future will start to make sense.

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One needs to awaken or come into alignment with themselves and the light. To do this one must simply seek the truth, question authority, and question why things are the way they are. Your higher self will provide avenues for you to find these answers.

As you begin to seek the truth and find the truth, the truth sets you free. The vale that has been draped over your eyes since birth, begins to rapidly dissolve and you begin to see the real world in its current state.

This alignment allows one to step out of the darkness and lies and into the light and truth. Awakening is a beautiful experience and never to be feared, you are not alone.

The old world of material and ego falls apart, it turns upside down and one will literally have a nervous break down, this is what one may experience in order to physical and mentally to rid yourself of the old conditioning. You wake and step into light with your hearts.

The biggest lie is the psycho enslavement of the power of the masses. The new awakening shows one the lies of the fiat money system, the lies of the politicians, the lies of education system, and there is a realization that none of these are bestowed upon you by a person or an organization. You generate them all in relation to our own energy level. Money is nothing more than a paper value of how high your energy is. Education does not stop after high school or university education is life long and sought. Governments all have the same agenda. The moment that there is an agreement that abundance is everyone’s right as a human being, you separate yourself from the system of power and greed.

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This is the hardest experience, as you see that everything is conspired against you to keep you dumb entertained and focused. The experience of loneliness and shock plays out. In this state of shock, you take time going through your once daily lives in total disbelief. How could this happen to the greatest country in the world? How could this have happened to every country in the world? What can I do?

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