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Once you break through the shock phase you experience anger towards all who manipulated the power of the masses for the profit of the few. In this state you see that this dark force stands behind every catastrophic event leading up to now. Once you get through the obsession of finding out more truth, it becomes hard to look at the world the way it is. You become so full of empathy towards all those who are still limited by the mental conditioning of the elite. One may try to speak out to as many as they can but find it hard, when the message falls on deaf ears. For it is easier for many to chose to stay asleep focused and irresponsible for the goings on.

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Before your total alignment with the family of light some have had the experience of a disassociation with reality, becoming a paranoid schizophrenic, this is most dangerous. As the conspiracy theories become the base for truth, friends and family may look at you as the crazy one. At this point you doubt your own sanity and wish you could return to the world of fast food videogames and football. But you cannot. At this point you are unable to comprehend the totality of what is happening to your world. You begin to find it hard to believe anything you are told from your former reality.

This is a beautiful place if you can stand still. In that stillness a spark of light, an idea comes into you that says “I cannot be the only one” and your courage returns. As you step away from the void you realize that as long as you breathe, you can manifest whatever you choose on this plane. For those that are in power and walk in darkness are confined to the same rules you are.

The question is, what do you want and what do you have? As you step into alignment with the body of light you finally begin to think for yourself, and soon find your higher self guiding you to all other seekers and truths. You are now awake it is your choice to help and assist others in this great shift, or to continue working on yourself. Either way there are millions of guides out there all playing their part, all awakening in synchronicity with the universe. Everything is exactly how it should be. Living in love supersedes the fear.

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