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Director of Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente talks more about the current economy and where it is inevitably headed. As we see with the value of the US dollar, the US economy is in big trouble and it is trouble they will not be able to come back from. The rest of the world is well aware that this currency will collapse and it’s only a matter of time before it does. Celente mentions that people should be “worried,” but when you truly think about it we are simply giving value to paper at this point and when the dollar collapses many of the world currencies will likely go with it. Thus leaving everyone in the same boat of having valueless paper. From here it would be about building a new system of achieving basic needs and one that, at a new level of consciousness, will not have the need for ego, competition and power. The idea that we will adopt gold and silver or barter as the alternative is not all that likely or will be very short lived, for it is only the exact same system but giving value to a different object. It maintains separateness and would still keep those with most in power.

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As a collective we need to think about evolving into a system that makes more sense and doesn’t rest basic survival on the attainment of money. Anything above and beyond basic survival can be achieved by doing something you love, but why do something you hate just to survive? This is a system of the current prison we live in, when we get the key, why would we lock ourselves up again?

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