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We are all sparks of infinite possibility. We are the creators of our own reality and we are God’s individually and collectively. We all have the same ability and power to co-create whatever we wish in our lives and it’s truly about remembering our own power. Remembering we are already whole and complete and that stories of not being good enough, not deserving and not capable are just mind made stories we decided to believe in. I’m not saying you can go and in one magical moment create anything in your wildest dreams, but you are completely able to create your souls desires so long as we remember to move beyond the stories that limit us.

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Remember your ability, remember your power  and blossom into the full potential you truly are. There is nothing missing in any of us, it is simply covered up. Like a child on Christmas, tear away at what lies beneath the wrapping, the gift at the essence of us all. Yes, you have it too. What is the practical way of going about this? Begin simply by observing your thoughts as you move in the direction of what you want to create. Do you tell yourself you can’t? Do you feel things are too good to be true or not possible? Do you feel things need to be a certain way or represent something to us in order to feel good? If so, find out why you believe those things. Discover how those beliefs got there and choose to let them go. Avoid simply brushing them aside, try to understand them and then send them on their way.

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