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With great shifts comes great change and as we shift collectively into a new earth. We are already  experiencing great change and it will inevitably continue to unfold as more of the world realizes what is going on. The shift that has been talked about and prophesied for many years is very much a part of every day life. It is now the moment to detach from what is around us on all levels. This does not mean to remove all responsibility and care, but to simply step back and remember what is playing out in the big picture.  See things for what hey are and avoid judging them, let life be fluid and change as it needs to. As we shift and change on this planet, “chaos” will only appear in an attached and resistant state. This is because we are not letting things be and so we then perceive natural changes as chaos. This is not to create the energy of fear, but to simply bring an understanding of love for what is.

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