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Ancient western astrology calls it a great cycle, the earth wobbles on an axis and one complete wobble is 26,000 years according to the Mayan long count calendar. Throughout the 26,000 years the sun shifts through 12 ages. These cycles are seen in the old testament. At the dawn of the Christian Piscean era the people were told to put down the rams horn, as they moved out of the age of Aries.

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We are moving out of the Piscean age and into the age of Aquarius. The doctrine has to do with change in the angular orientation to the larger cosmos. Changes of the cycles were to the ancients, changes in consciousness. That is why awareness, consciousness, new age spirituality, whatever one calls it, it are becoming mainstream. This is because we are collectively becoming aware that we are all connected.

The Mayans were channelers. The full cycle of 26,000 years will bring us back to a golden age, and that is where we are at. We are seeing that we aren’t just physical, we are energy, everything is energy. We are using our consciousness, and things are becoming transparent, we see the potential and the possibility instead of just a solid.

We know that we as a people have to change and emerge. We have to pay attention to what has been left for us and not dismiss it. Our modern ego tells us that 2012 is just a tribal, ancient calendar, we look at all culture before our own as primitive. But who says we are living right? How will our culture be looked upon in the future?

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