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Contemporary solar physics says that this is not the end of time as we know it. Suns spots climax at 2012. These natural disasters we are experiencing on a global scale are nothing but solar storms and flares. Earth bound data tells us that the earth’s magnetic field is weakening and there is a polar shift going on as we speak. In the last 20 years the poles have migrated 100 miles.

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Is this polar shift a metaphor of a collective consciousness of oneness instead of our current system of dualism and control?, a move away from a mode of culture that dominates and takes?

What we are seeing right now is a sweeping away of the old. We are presiding over this change, it is our own choices and what we do with our own consciousness that will govern whether we make a change for good or evil. 2012 is nothing but media hype, it is the spiritual y2k.

What 2012 is, is a call for us to be aware of the collective and respect the process of life and what is possible and not limited. Not to worry, just be, live healthy and sustainable, live with love.

We see it everyday, this bad trip we are on, embody the prophecy, the time is today. Ultimately we are all children on this planet. We need to remove the lines that divide us. We need to stop waiting on someone or something to unite us. We need to unite ourselves, it’s all about human creation and participation in this cosmology.

The sky will not fall in 2012, it will open up. People will no longer want their bodies and thoughts controlled . They will want their own direct connection with the universe. These things are happening and they are happening fast. Live with love and enjoy the ride, you live in a marvelous time of human evolution. You won’t read about this shift in the history books. You get to live it.

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