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We lie now on the cusp of a great energetic shift. This is one of many to come in the years ahead as we continue to contract the experience around us before expanding into full potentiality. When we experience this energetic shift it will appear in global finance, health both physical and mental, it will tie in with the H1N1 illusion as well as increases in intensive weather. This is not to bring on the energy of “fear” but instead to bring clarity to the choice we all have. We may view this change as “chaotic” and act in that way. Or, we can see it as a necessary part of our evolution, a cleansing of energies that need to collapse from our experience. When we understand this process, and detach from outcomes, from what will draw programmed emotions, we see the shift and this “chaos” as perfection and necessary. This that being said, anchor yourself in joy, love and appreciation, it is your choice and will make the next few months a lot more of a joy.

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