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President Barack Obama has declared Swine Flu a National Emergency. This not only raises more fear and propaganda around swine flu, but now medical officials have the right to bypass certain requirements due to the fact that it has now become a National Emergency.

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The speed at which the Dark Forces are playing out their cards is of a fast pace and becomes more intense with each day. They are panicking, their time is running out and all they can do is throw whatever they have left at the collective. They have already become obvious and irrational but we have missed some of it and are still asleep. Take this as another hint and begin to realize what is going on here.

Our rights and freedoms are diminishing in front of our eyes as their power to do what they want increases with every new bill or law passed. I can’t stress enough that we are IN THE TIMES, not waiting for them. The plans are being carried out and we must wake up to it now. Spread the word to friends and family, use our site as an outlet if you feel, just get the information out. See Collective Matrix to understand how powerful spreading information is.

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