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Let’s think about this for a second. Every time we look at a bottle of Tylenol or cough syrup, we find that the dosage levels for adults and kids are very different. The dosage for children is usually much less than that for adults. This is obviously due to how potency changes due to body mass. We find something very interesting when it comes to the swine flu vaccine. According to the experts, adults need one dose of the vaccine and children need two. How does this make any sense? Let’s use Thermerosol as one ingredient we can look at to show the danger in listening to these “experts.” Thermerosol is Mercury, and we all know Mercury is a heavy metal which is poisonous. If an adult body was consuming this dose of Mercury, the Mercury would be absorbed throughout, maybe 165 – 180 pounds, not good for the human body, but not disastrous either. Where as a child would take that dose in through maybe 60 – 80 pounds, and then there would be a second dose they would take in on top of that. Mercury is responsible for damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs and has been connected to creating Autism among young, completely healthy children. Why would they be giving two doses of mercury to children, when one dose is enough to cause damage? These are the types of questions we need to be asking instead of simply listening to the “experts.” In recent years it has become completely self evident that there is a collective group of individuals, who do not have our best interest at heart, running our world and this is simply another plan in creating unhealthy, powerless people. We have become frank with this article because simply, this is the stage we are at now. We aren’t awaiting to see them carry out their plans, they ARE carrying them out and we are in the moments when the Dark Forces are playing out their final cards.

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We also have PBS who released a cartoon of some children getting the Swine Flu Vaccine to brainwash the children and parents into thinking it’s “Gonna help a whole lot” as their slogan says. Yes, this vaccine is “gonna help a whole lot,” going to help the higher powers carry out their plans. See for yourself.

Below is the link to the article where experts are recommending two doses for children.–ontario-to-get-19-million-doses-of-h1n1-vaccine

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