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With all the fear and cradle to grave conditioning we are subjected to during this experience, your day to day may seem hard. The game however, is to remember who you already are through five sense reality experiences. The trappings of our culture is something you must deal with in order evolve through the guidance of your own inner light.

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Be encouraged by the changes within the world and watch reality shift before your eyes, with every step you are brought closer into the alignment with “real” . It is this real that calls you out of your inner shell of fear to walk in the space of time where the universe opens up into nothing but love, energy frequencies, and planes of existence. It is your creative wisdom that guides the world forth in every aspect and every detail. The power of your creativity is to drive evolution, your desired energies are sent into the ether bringing forth a new ever changing reality of your individual soul in harmony with the collective.

When you ask for love, for truth, for prayers into the unknown you are asking your own spirit for the truth that you are loved. You are worthy, you are not flawed and you are love itself manifested into conscious thought. You are never alone, the world is given to you, you do not have to earn it, to work for it, nor fulfill a mission. You are already in the divine creation that your being was born into, that which is your body.

It is in freedom that you thrive and remember that you are light, light is always giving you the substance of creation and the intelligent wisdom to align to love and joy. If you feel these words then you are part of the family of light and live in comfort and peace. Your awareness stretches throughout time and space, you acknowledge oneness and unity within the field of truth. You have always known this and recognized the inner light that shines within you. We are all omni centric beings of light sharing the universal source, you are life, you are a way shower that holds enlightenment.

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