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The words shared with you hold harmonic synchronicity that comes from within. The current system may call you away from your center, those who are seeking outside of their beings for something they will never find are always calling. People look to you because you seek inward, you hold a power and an inner peace. This silent power allows you to travel through emotional forms, thoughts and manifestations of reality to find your deepest intentions.

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You are in the doorway of the unknown. This unknown is filled with nothing but potential and promise. Your potential and the reality that you create is that which awaits you. The inner light is your soul, the essence of that which you are, will be, and have ever been. You are love, to find this is to find the home where truth is given and known always without question. It is the point where you are balanced and centered.

Come together now and bring forth the vision of a rebirth and enjoy the procession of the grand illumination of the collective inner heart, you are called forth to manifest your divine nature in every aspect of your life now.

Simply ask, and you will be shown, for you are in the creative flow of divine love. It is yours to ask for, be with and receive, allow each moment now to be nothing more than the joy of experience. Only look within to find answers, for the journey is within, be at peace with yourself and honor yourself. For what you put out into the world is nothing more than a reflection of your soul. You are the one you have been waiting for, as you are the way shower and you alone will change your world.

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