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I recently came across an article from in Toronto that talked about how officials are devising an ad campaign that is going to try to persuade more Canadians into getting the H1N1 vaccination.

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The article talks about how the government is concerned about the decline in importance regarding vaccination for H1N1 among the general population. They say about 1/3 of people are planning to take the shot. A recent poll suggests that Canadians don’t see the virus as a personal threat, and I totally agree with this as well. It is a known fact that the seasonal flu is far more dangerous and kills more people yearly than H1N1, so why is it that they are making such a big deal about the supposed H1N1 “outbreak”. I think they are blowing it way out of proportion and may have a hidden agenda behind this vaccine considering the amount of toxins in it. I also believe that they are trying to pull these advertising tactics because they fear of losing a lot of money from wasted vaccines. Canada spent $400 million on 50.4 million vaccines with a prediction that 75% of the population will get vaccinated. That number has now dropped to about 33%. If you understand that the medical industry is a business, you would realize the fact that when a business is losing “customers” they will do everything in their power to advertise their “product” to increase “sales”. This is exactly what happens within the medical industry.

The article quotes:

“The concern may come from mixed messages that have dogged health officials trying to convince Canadians the vaccine is safe and needed.”

“Dogged” health officials simply means that there have been people, like myself, who didn’t just take the word of the government, they did their own research towards the vaccine and came up with answers that contradict what the media is telling us.

They also quote:

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“So it’s not an easy task. But the more we can do to try and get the story right collectively I think the better as we move forward.”

They say get the story right “collectively”. But who is right? They are trying to impose THEIR opinions on us through marketing because they have the funds to do so. If it was really a collective effort they would also bring up the contradictions, or at least disprove them to be true. In no way am I saying do not take the vaccine, this is just information, take it as you will. My advice though, do your own research and don’t just believe an advertisement by the same people who are selling the vaccine.

You can check out the official story here:–new-ads-will-urge-canadians-to-get-flu-shot

1ne Luv,

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