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The media has been all over the recent H1N1 stories pumping fear and negativity out into the collective. But here is a story that comes from the media and does the exact opposite. Some light within the media.

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Former top medical chief in Ontario has come forward stating that H1N1 is no more a big deal than the influenza itself and the only reason why it is being blown up is due to the alarming language people and media are using in talking about it.

“Dr. Richard Schabas, former provincial chief medical officer said the risk of serious illness or death among the healthy general public is very low. “

“Yes, we are seeing a flu outbreak in southern Ontario. Right now we’re probably pretty much at the peak of that outbreak as we speak and what that means is a lot of people are getting a little ill, but as we could predict … very, very few people are getting seriously ill and ultimately very few people are dying from this.”

We had stated this from the beginning here at, the agenda is not the H1N1, it is the vaccine. The H1N1 is only to instill fear to change the perception of population so they would get the vaccine, it clearly is working since we are seeing a flu that is not making many people seriously ill or die but still there are 4 hour line ups for vaccines.

“So people have to put this in perspective. This is really no worse than a normal flu season. It’s just being blown out of all proportion, by unfortunately the alarmist talk which has come from some public health experts and also by the way the media is making just a complete meal out of this.”

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This is to the faults of two major groups, Medical Experts and the Media, Unfortunately groups that the general population blindly trust without thinking. I hope after this we can wake up to what is going on a little better. Clearly they are pushing an agenda as this flu is no worse than the flu that happens every single year, year after year.

“So far, 30 people have died of the H1N1 virus in Ontario. Complications from seasonal flu kill approximately 2,000 people a year.”

I think this stat is self explanatory, 30 people in Ontario for H1N1 have died vs. 2000 people per year from the seasonal flu! H1N1 is not a deadly flu that we should be lining up in 4 hour lines to get a vaccine that is 10 times more dangerous.

“We do have a small number of children die every year from influenza and we expect to see a few more children … die this year because that’s one of the characteristics of the H1N1 virus is that it does tend to infect more children,”

Again this was stated that we would see the odd death and odd death among children. No different from the regular flu every year. Now that we have been warned and told, when another child dies from it and the media comes to freak us all out, see through their deception and understand the agenda that is being pushed here.

“But this is not unexpected. It’s not an indication that the virus has changed or the risk has changed, we have to keep it in perspective and recognize that for the healthy general public the risks are very, very small.”

Another nasty trick the media has done is suggest mutations to make everything seem a lot scarier than it is. When you understand the media is just a business, trying to make money, you understand they will sell or make up any story that will get them the most ratings and highest sales. Also we must understand who owns 95% of the media, 5 companies who are directly linked with the Elite Dark Forces. The information is passed down, they are the puppets who read the lies, and deceptions, it’s that simple.


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